Splatoon 2 is celebrating Hallowe'en soon with a spooky new Splatfest

Nintendo has announced that it’s getting into the spirit of the spooky season with a special Hallowe’en-themed Splatfest event, coming to Splatoon 2 soon.

Catchily known as Splatoween, Nintendo’s celebratory global Splatfest will run from 3pm, Friday October 19th to 3pm October 21st, and sees the ever-fashionable Inkopolis Square on the receiving end of a major seasonal makeover. The city’s bustling hub will be draped in ghoulish bunting, and given an extra flourish with an appropriately nauseating orange and slime green colour scheme.


The macabre merriment will also carry over into Splatoween’s stage roster, with Moray Towers, Starfish Mainstage, and Musselforge Fitness all looking a touch more spine-tingling that normal in the screenshots accompanying Nintendo’s Splatfest announcement in Japan.


Nintendo will be completing the spooky aesthetic by giving players access to a pleasing selection of Halloween costumes – including demon horns and a Jason-Vorhees-inspired hockey mask – via the Splatoon 2 feed (also known as the Squid Research Lab Bulletin) in the Switch’s news channel. Now is probably a good time to subscribe if you haven’t already.


According to Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, the not-entirely-unexpected theme for this seasonal Splatfest will be Trick versus Treat. Participating squid can sign up to their team of choice starting this Friday, October 5th.

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