Japan is getting official Edvard Munch-themed Pokémon cards

Just in time for Halloween, here’s an official set of Pokmon trading cards themed around Edvard Munch’s iconic, haunting painting The Scream.

It’s one of the most bizarre gaming tie-ins I’ve ever seen, designed to celebrate the Munch exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum beginning 27th October and running until 20th January (thanks, Resetera).

Munch’s most famous work, The Scream, will be displayed in Japan for the first time.


There’s a lot to be disturbed about with these cards. That Pokmon share the same existential crises and anxieties as you and me, the same feelings of psychological isolation and dread, the same intense realisations of mortality and agonising despair at the meaningless lives we live. Maybe we’ve always known that they do, and these cards simply reveal the truth we had tried to ignore for so long.

Or not, who knows. They are pretty weird, though.

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